Polytec Product Design & Development Specialist, Interior Designer and Trend Forecaster Marylou Cafaro, explains how to choose the right cabinetry to match our newest industrial rough concrete design - Primordia




Primordia is the inspirational centrepiece; it lends itself to cool and warm colours together in a balanced palette.

Marylou Cafaro


What do you love about the organic industrial look? 
Why do you think this industrial look works in kitchens and bathrooms? 

Marylou: The organic industrial style, also known as refined industrial, is a warmer more natural feeling style that still incorporates the typical base materials like concrete, timber and metal.

This look evolved from the raw industrial style and is much easier to incorporate into your home because of its smooth tactile finishes and the soft balance of cool and warm colours.

Perfect for kitchens and bathrooms, as it creates a warm, inviting environment that could otherwise appear stark, if not balanced.  


Why is it so popular?  Will it be timeless?

Marylou: Primordia’s colour palette of grey and sandy tones helps to bring together the best of the two styles, industrial and organic, as the natural materials and colours used, complement each other giving your space a timeless yet effortless contemporary look.


What do you think Primordia brings to contemporary industrial design?

Marylou: Primordia is the inspirational centrepiece to this style as it allows you to use cool and warm colours together in a balanced palette.


What’s your advice for bringing the contemporary industrial look into your home?

Marylou: The colours in Primordia allow you to easily mix n match cool and warm colour tones for your joinery doors. You can use grey colours like Polytec Oyster Grey Matt for under bench doors and drawers with timber tones like Polytec Prime Oak Woodmatt for tall storage and overheads.

Or reverse the colour scheme, with Oyster Grey Matt for the overhead doors and Prime Oak Woodmatt for tall storage and under bench doors and drawers.


A tip for you -

Black, gunmetal grey or brass/gold metal fittings and accessories all work equally as well within this scheme.



Why are Oyster Grey matt and Prime Oak woodmatt the perfect match for Primordia?

Marylou: The soft neutral tones of Polytec Oyster Grey Matt and rich warmth of Polytec Prime Oak Woodmatt are colours both present within Primordia. Using these colours will, therefore, ensure the perfect match and give you an appealing composed design solution!


As well as using the two suggested colours as external cabinet colours, you could also consider using the Oyster Grey as the internal cabinet colour and the Prime Oak only for all the external doors and drawers. Having a coloured internal cabinet creates a bespoke and custom made feel.


What colour palette of furnishings and style of finishes would you recommend for this look?

Marylou: You can incorporate tonal versions of the colours used in the benchtop and doors throughout the space.
Oak or grey timber floors, light or mid-grey floor and wall tiles, black or subtle metallic highlights in handles or lighting, all work together to create a harmonious colour scheme that allows you to add greenery through plants or furnishings. 



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