Once reserved for only the most high-end modern homes, Caesarstone’s new Concrete Designs have made the modern industrial aesthetic more attainable than ever without the extra costs and maintenance associated with a formed concrete surface.

The popularity of the Sleek Concrete, Raw Concrete and Fresh Concrete surfaces has led to the creation of some truly inspiring kitchen designs which deserve some recognition and might just spark your creativity as well.

1. K2 Projects & Big House Little House

While the Concrete Designs range from Caesarstone has made concrete-look surfaces more accessible for smaller buget projects, it has also become a popular alternative for high-end projects where practicality as well as design is still a top priority.

2. Freedom Kitchens with Nick & Chris on Reno Rumble

With a coastal brief to fulfil, Reno Rumble contestants Nick & Chris demonstrated the versatility of Sleek Concrete by pairing it with light and fresh design elements to create an uplifting space.

3. Freedom Kitchens with Josh & Jenna on Reno Rumble

Conceived with a sophisticated eye for design and style, this kitchen delivered by Josh & Jenna on Reno Rumble showcases the beauty and modern aesthetic created by the white matte finish of Fresh Concrete.

4. Design by T

As a marriage of classic and contemporary, this Sleek Concrete kitchen residing in a modern extension of a classic Victorian era home creates a beautiful design narrative alongside Caesarstone London Grey surfaces.

5. EJE Architecture

Concrete surfaces have long been a staple of high-end architectural projects, and with the inclusion of Sleek Concrete benchtops this space retains its functionality without compromising on form.

6. Mezzo Apartments

With Sleek Concrete surfaces softened by the use of timber and a distinctly Scandi twist, the Mezzo Apartments in Sydney create youthful and trendy atmosphere.

7. Freedom Kitchens

Light, fresh and streamlined design in this kitchen is complemented by the inclusion of our aptly named Sleek Concrete surfaces.

8. George & Tenielle’s First Home Renovation

As the focus of a three-part blog series for Caesarstone, paired with the Calacatta Nuvo design demonstrates Raw Concrete as both an industrial surface with sophisticated potential.