Caesarstone is proud to offer a collection of stunning whites ranging from the pure toned and minimalist to the highly detailed and organic, perfect for whatever space you want to create in your home.

Our experts have hand-picked 15 of the best, most unusual and noteworthy kitchens and bathrooms to inspire your creative side, ranging from modern contemporary to traditional and everything in between.

A predominantly white colour palette typically evokes a sense of purity and spaciousness, perfection for creating the illusion of space.

TIP: Most household light bulbs give off a yellow light which can spoil the look of your white kitchen or bathroom, use a whiter bulb to create a cleaner and brighter look.

Carlisle Homes Australia 1141 Pure White

Carlisle Homes Australia 2141 Snow

Coral Homes Bathroom 2141 Snow

Environa Studios Eliot Cohen Zeitgeist Photography 2141 Snow

Grand Design Kitchens Swan Lake

Impala Kitchens 2141 Snow

Karlsen Homes 4600 Organic White

Lifestyle Bathroom Renovations 1141 Pure White

Metricon Homes Victoria Australia 9141 Ice Snow

Mim Design Australia 2141 Snow

Sarah Waller Design Caesarstone Classico 1141 Pure White

The Maker Australia 2141 Snow

Timpelle Kitchens Prestons 4600 Organic White

Urban Kitchens Australia 2141 Snow

Vogue Kitchens 4600 Organic White