Carly & Leighton



"With such a gorgeous range from Caesarstone it was my 'one stop shop'. I knew I was after a concrete look stone with variations. The two concrete look stone choices that I thought I would choose looked great but of course Caesarstone had something new for me on my arrival.

Georgian Bluffs, a new stone that had the right toning’s, a mix of concrete and marble. Absolutely stunning that has really given a lux feel to our urban style kitchen.

A kitchen with dark colour cabinets, stainless steel mesh and a concrete / marble look choice from Caesarstone, we needed to add warmth to the overall look of the kitchen - which is the 3 wooden black butt shelves which just add that perfect touch, my fav part of the kitchen….oh after the stone of course!!!"

Carly Schulz & Leighton Brow

Reno Rumble Contestants

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